An hour ahead of schedule and Kyle comes back with Homie and Andrew after completing Columbia–>Missouri!! What a relief to see these three awesome guys pulling up! (I was anxious because I was not receiving, and/or getting delayed “I’m on top of a peak” messages from Andrews tracker, not knowing if our tracker was working, because our message requesting a response from Kyle was extremely delayed, so this was a sigh of relief moment). 0225 after 2 hours of sleep(Andrew had this sleep built into his schedule), doctoring, food (calzones), and pack packing, Andrew left for Huron with an additional hiking buddy in the back seat!!! BIG Thanks to Luke for hiking with him on this one and Homie, what an awesome friend to stick around for Columbia–> Missouri. I know Andrew appreciated that more than you know!!!!
-Missouri class 4 section was a little sketchy, and Andrew didn’t have his ice ax which would have been helpful for the snowfields. He has actually been rained/snowed on quite a bit up there and when he found out we didn’t know he was getting so wet he wasn’t too thrilled because he “wants us to know how much he is suffering!!” HAHA (because when he comes back to us, he is somewhat dry- well, not soaked let’s just say) Anyways, another day of mountains in the books. Let’s keep it going!!! GO ANDREW GOOOO!!!!!!

We expected him right around 6 and before long, (0606) there the 4Runner came with Andrew and Luke after a night on Huron. Andrew was in a good mood! Smiling! I love that, because sometimes it’s hard to predict what his mood will be. Extremely tired? hurting? good mood? demoralized?etc etc lol. 10 minute transition to shove some food down and change out packs, he didn’t even want to change his shoes so we roasted last night with heat blasting just for the fun of it :). You’re welcome Andrew. Have fun boys up LaPlata!! Luke, you are wonderful,
Quote from Luke as Kyle takes them up for Huron:
“Hey Andrew, I’m Luke, thanks for taking me on my first 14er!”
Andrew: oh… Really??
Hahaha good one. Andrew appreciates you.