This was a rough one. Demoralizing I’d say, and Andrew has said. He came off hating the mountain and his Hokas. It rained for a while, but he came off only damp. His feet are hurting, but only small blisters, that I could only imagine hurt like hell with every step of a wet foot! So thankful for all you guys who came out to support Andrew last night (Glen, Andy, Bill Middlebrook(and family), Brad!!!!) YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! I know he appreciates it, especially with these night hikes that are extremely difficult for him! He didn’t eat much last night and was so tired, so hoping this morning light will boost his morale! (Although GLEN, Thanks a million for those cookies, those were basically the only things he was excited to eat, and as he hobbled away, asked for a baggie of more cookies!!!) He has some good friends hiking with him today, so I hope his spirits will lift. I am continuing to work on him as he sleeps, we will transition for G/T … And just wait for sun. He has some sleep built in here as he was planned to start at 6 and it is 0353 so he requested 30 more minutes to let his “brain sleep.”

We packed his pack and got some food in him and set him off! Andrew has 5 peaks left!!! GO ANDREW GO!!!!!!!!!

Andrews quote of the night “sorry I’m being such a big baby!!” haha it’s okay Andrew, you have hiked 53 mountains so far, I’ll allow some complaining on my watch 😉