In the Crestones starting from South Colony?

I haven’t heard back if he is coming back out S Colony or going to go out Willow Creek.  If he doesn’t come back out the way he goes in, then James has to walk all the way up the road to retrieve the dirtbike, drive to the other trailhead, have food ready, and try to get some sleep before Andrew returns and they have to book it to the ranch by 6am.  Support is extremely difficult and a HUGE thanks to James “the mule” Sims for his tireless efforts!

From the Mule:

If you’re having dirt bike problems I feel bad for you son. ..I got two big problems and a rear brake is one.    A slight crash bent the rear brake into a non functioning mess and the electrical fairy disapproved of Andrew having brights on the dirt bike.  It’s o.k. though my dad’s an electrician I’m well versed in fixing things.

Andrew is still in this for sure. We will be cutting it close to make the gate tomorrow at culebra considering the twelve hour trail head to trail head in the Crestone group and a long drive south. The team is strong and I really believe we can make the window.




Andrew heading up South Colony Lakes Road
Andrew heading up South Colony Lakes Road