“Andrew killed it in the Crestones” from Kim just now.  What an amazing run and getting to Culebra before 6am.  Crazy!!!  The mule texted early this morning saying “Sleepy but solid.  Mild hallucinations from the summit down to the bike.  We will be at the ranch at 515am.  He is currently as snug as a bug in a rug with no signs of moving until woken with an air horn.”

He made excellent time on Culebra this morning and is now heading to the Blanca group and the dreaded Lake Como Road.  At least he gets to sleep on the drive for a while!

Thanks everyone for their support! This is so much more fun than the last times he did this!


And about the hallucinations, he was probably hypoglycemic.  I am sure his body is having trouble meeting the demand for glucose after such long hikes and so little rest.  James is going to adjust his intake some.