DeLorme help

I got a very nice email from the DeLorme inReach people!

“I found your email address on Andrew’s blog. We have been following along today and know that there were periods where his inReach appeared to stop tracking. We just wanted you both to know that our engineering team spent some time analyzing the data and it appears that his device was going into “rest mode” because he was moving so slowly (due to the injured leg). inReach is designed to automatically stop tracking when the user is stationary (or barely moving with long rest intervals), but in the event of an emergency (he pushes the SOS button) his exact location will be immediately updated and can still be seen and pinged (updated) by search and rescue authorities. There are also going to be times when he is in deep canyons or under heavy tree canopy where the satellites might be obscured briefly and several text messages will queue up waiting to send. Once he has the connection again, they all send out immediately. So that might happen occasionally during his climbs.

Andrew has had almost 10,000 views of his MapShare page today [as of 2pm] and had 14,000 yesterday, so a lot of people are following him closely and very interested in what’s going on. I am sure there is some concern about the skips in tracking, so if you want to let people know that his track line may appear fragmented at times due to the rest mode and that the device seems to be functioning properly, it might put some people at ease. We’ve had at least one follower contact us about it, so I just thought I would reach out to

We are here to help however we can and are rooting for Andrew’s success!”

They also gave us VIP tech support with 24/7 access and personal cell numbers. Pretty classy.

Thanks Kim and the DeLorme inReach team