Calling it

So after having Micah drive me and the kids up to Fourmile Creek trailhead and seeing Andrew’s leg, I was a little concerned.  He was in agony walking.  His right leg is swollen, weeping and exquisitely painful.  Every step was pure torture.  Andrew was hoping I’d be able to give him a steroid shot to make it all go away, but alas, I don’t carry such things with me at all times.  I also told him that the injury is more serious and is exertional compartment syndrome.  The anterior compartment of his lower leg is so tight and weeping, not good signs.  I called an orthopedic friend who confirmed my diagnosis by phone.  I explained all to Andrew and James and the rest of the crew.  Andrew went and tried walking around the Kite Lake trailhead, calling it quits shortly thereafter.  He was playing the number game in his head, and while at normal pace, he could do it, not with this kind of injury.  It was just slowing him down too much, and is not worth any permanent injury.  Not only that, but he would never be satisfied with how it ended if he only beat it by minutes.  There were amazing people who came out to say hello and cheer Andrew on, and we are so appreciative of that!!!!  And for all those who were ready and waiting to hike with Andrew!  What an amazing group of people!!!!  Andrew is now home after falling asleep with margarita in hand, me having Andrea try to start an IV on a comatose Andrew (which is great for learning BTW), and him getting some IV fluid.  His asthma attack just now left his lips blue, but I am sure this is not the end…..