From my POV:
Andrew returned early from sneffels! We had to wake up FAST! Although he claims to have been 20 min slower on the ascent but made up for it on the descent he says “and that’s just not like me at all!!” Ha. On our way to cinn. pass was BUMPY, to say the least. Although I was able to give Andrew a good rub out and re tape his feet. Natalie and Laura did not come up with us, because the van can not come this way, instead they will meet us after red cloud, sunshine with the REST of our crew!! (who are currently waiting at the RV park) YAY!!! Reorganizing and organizing and packing waiting for andrew to come down off Handies! He was about 45 min ahead of schedule this morning when he left from American Basin (around 645 am). We unpacked packed and reorganized and got some sleep (not so much Kyle, he watched a movie but only got around an hour and a half of sleep last night as the rest of us got 3 hours. Keep going Andrew!!
Summit around 815 am about 45 min ahead here!! Pulled up to silver creek/grizzly gulch trailhead at 0914, hoping this head start will save us from nasty weather on little bear blanca and crestones traverse!!!! Our friend Charlie Nuttleman showed up to hike with Andrew today and Kyle hiked up to Redcloud! Nice that Andrew was in some good company for the start of the day!!! 0919 depart up to Redcloud and I reorganized unpacked and packed and organized then got some rest. When the rest of the crew arrived they took off to meet Andrew to hike the rest of the way down with him. 147pm Andrew and Charlie followed by EVERYONE else was down!!! Off to Wetterhorn and Uncompahgre! HIKE ANDREW HIKE!!!!