Crestone group... It's 128 pm- Andrew is just off kit Carson
Crestone group… It’s 128 pm- Andrew is just off kit Carson


as I sit here and *try* to get some shut eye it’s hard, and I don’t really know if we can ever get a “good” night sleep, but I love this and wouldn’t rather be anywhere else than sitting at the base of crestones worrying about Andrew lol. Everyone is up by the trail head, they decided to go for a nice hike, I’m sure they went at least to Kyle’s car (or bike- which was dropped off at 3000 ft mark).Our friends Pat and his son Max Manson came to spend the day with us and how fun that the kids have a friend to PLAY with finally!! So here are the mountains and the clouds, tonight storms will clear out for Andrew around 930pm… Just in time if all is on schedule. GO ANDREW GO!!!!