While the world was sleeping

Got the flat fixed last night! THANK YOU PAT! spare was a full reg tire thankful for that. Florian drove Van, Laura- pathfinder and pat, his own car :). Of course we packed and repacked and organized, and got a full 2 hours of sleep!!!! The infamous Noel (cookiehiker) showed up with cookies and it was awesome to see her! Andrew knew she would be showing up and when he got back and was in the van, I was pulling out food and the first thing he said was “where are my cookies!?” HE LOVED THEM! Thanks Noel! ALSO big THANKS to Jeff who hiked with Andrew all last night!! Andrew said “he could have run miles up and around me. He RAN when I went on my bike. (That Pat hiked up for Andrew to 11k) He was prob annoyed when I stayed on road the whole way up I just didn’t want to have to think!” Andrew summited around 0058, with GREAT weather!! he is sore but still going. We taped him up nice and good while he was passed out!! And now….Antero!!! ┬áLaura drove out to town to get a new tire, and thank goodness she did a huge nail was in the tire!!!! That could have been bad if we needed another tire, and had no spare because we.were.using.it haha. So YAY LAURA you saved us from potential disaster. It’s hard to crew guys, nothing about this is easy, communication has been a little rough, and mix in lack of sleep. But we are still going!!!! GO ANDREW GO!!!!!!