Andrew came off from Antero-Shav and a huge hail storm welcomed him onto Princeton :) an out and back planned and then on to Elks. This is going to be a HUGE push, Pyramid–>Capitol keep the GOOD VIBES coming as it was this push last year that was the cause of what took him out. We are definitely packing his snowshoes, and keeping him rubbed out and taped up good! Hopefully the drive over goes smooth, fingers crossed, and that he gets some good sleep in. GO ANDREW GO!!! We are all behind you!!!! Big thanks: Pat and Max left when Andrew was just about to head up Princeton. What an awesome asset to our support crew, thank you for all your hard work, and Max, for being there with Axel and Calvin. Kyle, Laura, Natalie, Gigi, Florian YOU GUYS ROCK! Transitions, drivers, food, logistics, medical necessities, the ability for Calvin and Axel to be here, NONE of this would be possible without you! I’m tired, but feeling thankful for these amazing individuals!