The Heart of the Sawatch

Holy Cross was A LONG NIGHT for him he took maybe 5 cat naps and claims the 5 hour to be a ‘dud.’ About 8 hours for Holy Cross. THANK GOD Charlie was there to hike with him and keep his mind awake at least … He reached the TH a little later, but it’s okay- he says “I can use my built in sleep and hike!” – no Andrew, FYI I WILL make you sleep for a least an hour. He probably won’t put up much of a fight. We did our resupply transition to prepare not seeing Andrew all day. (So 2 packs had to be packed. One for Yale, the other for Columbia, Harvard, Oxford, Belford and Missouri, which Kyle and Homie will be dropping off to him.) Andrew was happy with how the transition went so for the day we did his laundry, grocery shopping, filled water etc. etc. He stayed mostly dry last night as most of the rain passed as they began Holy Cross. He has not hit much weather yet today!! (Edit: 15 min later- rain!!) I got some sleep and will prob sleep more today. 2100’/hour on Yale. You are amazing Andrew as you continue to make up even just the slightest bit of lost time, and doing GREAT overall. Big thanks to Will who hiked Yale this morning, and Homie who is with Andrew for a multiple of these afternoon peaks. And BIG thanks to everyone who is offering to step up and help when needed. Your willingness and generosity does not go unrecognized. It is hectic with the change of crew, and less of us. David had taken over logistics and coordination with Kyle in 4Runner now that Laura is gone and Brenda has taken over the Red Van driving role! (Which is not easy considering this is where Andrew sleeps, and he isn’t happy when it’s a bumpy ride!) Haha So thankful for these amazing individuals and the team effort made by each. GO ANDREW GO!!!!!

(FYI y’all are crashing the Delorme site, he’s still climbing and summiting even if it doesn’t seem so)