Rotten kids!

Well, here I am going nuts trying to get ready to leave tomorrow.  Wow this has come fast!  There is so much to do before we go, it seems almost impossible.  I don’t have anything ready to go for California and Rainier, I guess we will just have to wing it if/when we are finished with Long’s.

As if attempting the record was not daunting enough, my left wrist is still injured from my motorcycle crash on Ophir Pass when I fell down against a snow bank.

In addition, the other night Axel just would not stop hanging on me, and was climbing on me while I was on the couch.  I rolled over to remove him and heard a loud double pop in my shoulder, and it hurt very bad. Now my shoulder is very sore, I can barely lift my arm above my shoulder.  I hope I didn’t briefly dislocate it.  Now I am terrified I will drop the motorcycle and won’t be able to lift it back up since my left arm is fairly useless.

And now, one of the kids found my new GPS and decided to take it apart, so that it does not function anymore!  I just bought the GPS to help with finding the exact 3000 foot boundaries for the 3000 foot rule, and to help with some trailheads and routes in California, and now it seems I will have to figure out a plan B.

Pretty much going as expected so far (as in nothing is going to plan)!