A BIG push – Elks traverse Pyramid–>Cap cap Capitol

Andrews first REAL night sleep! YAY!! He used the time he was ahead to really get some sleep, rest his legs, and focus on rejuvenating for an estimated 24 hour day in the Elks. On the drive to Aspen, I massaged out his legs, Natalie and I taped him up and he ate, took some meds, etc. etc. you all know routine by now. A thunderstorm hit which made Andrew want to delay his start just a bit to 0230, and was basically on time with a 0236 departure. Skies clear!!! (he told us no snow gear for pyramid but he forgot he wanted his ice ax so he had to come back for it) Thankful he remembered and had hardly started when he came running back! Natalie cooked a HUGE breakfast!! It smelled so good I was so jealous. While Laura and I packed his packs (one for pyramid, the other for Bells-Cap) and transition gear, Andrew ate. Well really just stuffed himself, but just loved his breakfast! Thanks Natalie! Laura, myself, Gigi and Florian hiked in at 0430 met him with a transitioning of packs at Crater Lake. We were way early and spent time taking some awesome pictures of sunrise and the Bells. His round trip time on Pyramid- 4.5 hours. We did a final prep for his long day away from us. He feels great going out, although a little concerned about swelling in his legs, but who climbs 30ish 14ers in 5 days and doesn’t have mild swelling?!?! crazy, just crazy Andrew!! His pack is heavy, but he crushed the bell cord and traversed in 52 minutes. WAY TO GO!!!! Big thanks to Florian who hiked up with Andrew to 11200 and offered awesome encouragement. But the best part of this day – Luke Stevenson!!! Huge THANKS for offering up your place in Aspen for showers, restock of water, naps and WIFI. He will be hiking with Andrew later in the week. As for the rest of the evening, its just food and heading to Capitol Lake where Natalie and Kyle will meet Andrew and hike out with him. GO ANDREW GO!!!!!! YOURE KICKING BUTT and we are ALL behind you!!!!!!!!!! GO GO GO! – can any of us say this enough!?